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We are in the Marian Age (The History of Fatima - we live in extraordinary times)

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  • Description: I think we all would agree that we live in extraordinary times. There is a feeling in the air of uncertainty. We sense that there is, to use the words of scripture, something menacing in the world. Our governments, whatever authorities we have that rule over us no longer seem to be their own master, it’s almost as if they are puppets. The Holy Father recently complains and warns us about fake news. How are we to know what is fake and what is not? We know we can’t trust the media. And even the social media is not reliable and there’s so much information coming from so many directions that it is confusing. As Christians and in particular as Catholics we have a firm anchor. In fact the scriptures are very clear, ‘Hold fast of that which you first receive’ that’s the bottom line. Hold fast to what you first receive, it’s in every one of the epistles; St. Paul’s letters, St. Peter’s letters, St. John, St Jude, hold fast to what you first received. Because what we have received was from Christ who is the Eternal Word of Truth, He imparted it to His disciples, they in turn to their successors the Bishops. So when we see things are changing around us, we have reason to be concerned. We are living in what is called the Marian age. The Marian age began in 1830 with the apparition of our Blessed Lady at Rue du Bac in Paris. And when She appeared in that particular apparition two things are very striking. First of all She came with a globe a golden globe and she came with the rings. The Globe represented each and every soul, France and the whole world. The rings represented the graces that She mediates to us. Our Lady is not the source of graces, Christ is, Christ is the sole Redeemer. But He mediates His redemption through the saints, primarily the Church but singularly and individually through our Blessed Lady and then the other saints. Each according to their position in the hierarchy that God has established. This is the apparition in 1830 at Rue du Bac, this is followed by La Salette where again Our Lady appeared their weeping as a Mother very sorrowful and then at Lourdes of course in 1858 where She asked for the people to come in procession with penance, with the intention of making reparations of for sin, penance. Then in Knock, which was a silent apparition not a word was spoken. Again, She was there at the mass. Because at Knock, what the visionaries saw and there were some 18 of them, from little children, 2 years old to adults in their 70s and each one of those seers, saw the same thing. Just the Altar, the Lamb of God on it, Angels circling, Our Lady standing there, St. John preaching, St. Joseph by their side. We get the impression of the Holy Family, we get the impression of the Holy Mass, we get the impression of the intercession of the saints. That is Knock in 1879 and then Fatima in 1917, about which we are concerned… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.


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